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Sukhmani Hospital is backed by a team of expert pediatricians. The skilled & experienced surgeons are dedicated to provide complete pediatric care to the patients. The team not only complements our obstetric department but also takes care of our neonatal and pediatric emergency including Immunization.
  • Complete pediatric care
  • Immunization facility
  • Managing growth and development of children
  • Emergency pediatric facilities 24*7
  • Level 2 nursery (phototherapy, warmer care)
  • Surgery in children below 16 years
  • All kind of congenital malformation
  • Paediatric plastic surgery (cleft lip & cleft plalet, syndectally, polydectally, meningomyelocoele, hydrocephalus, inguinal hernia)
  • Neonatal surgery (imperforate anus, intestinal obstruction, atresia, tracheo esophageal fistula, diphramatic hernia etc.
Team that Cares
Dr. Swasti Rohatgi
(M.B.B.S. , M.D.)
Dr. Poonam Bhatia
(M.B.B.S. , M.D.)
Dr. Anjana Gulani
Dr. John Ratan
M.B.B.S., M.S.
News Letters
Consult our Sr. Gynecologist Dr. (Mrs.) Kanwal Preet Gandhi.
Kindly Contact on +919958815412.
Consult our Sr. E.N.T. Specialist Dr. B. S. Gandhi.
Kindly Contact on +919910904646.
Non Surgical treatment for Joints/spinal pain by Dr. Manish Raj.
Kindly Contact on 011-26194000/
Say “No To Obesity” get it cured by Bariatric surgery , meet our surgeons.
Kindly Contact on 011-26194000/
Fully equipped department of Physiotherapy managed by Dr. Ankit Aggarwal.
Kindly Contact on +919910904646
Round the clock Ambulatory & Laboratory facilities available.
O.P.D. consultation of Dr. (Mrs.) Kanwal
P. Gandhi w.e.f. 1st January 2015, is Rs. 1,000/- only.
Follow up visit within one week is Rs. 800/- only.